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String Forum 

Open Access Seminar on String Pedagogy and Performance

Sydney Conservatorium - Macquarie Street
convener:  AProf. Dr. Goetz Richter, Chair String Unit- Sydney Conservatorium

E: goetz.richter@sydney.edu.au

This open access forum at the Sydney University's Conservatorium of Music brings together researchers, pedagogues and for a discussion of theoretical and applied topics of String Pedagogy and Performance in.
The forum features papers of around 45 minutes length followed by questions and discussions. Teachers, performers, students and researchers in pedagogy and performance practice are welcome to attend.  

Seminars for 2017 in collaboration with AUSTA NSW

March 22, 6.30 pm Seminar Room 1156
May 24, 6.30m pm Seminar Room 1156
August 23, 6.30 pm Seminar Room 1156
October 25, 6.30 pm Seminar Room 1156