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Music and Philosophy share many common features, have much common relevance for our life and culture and powerfully inform each other. My interest in the congruence of music and philosophy includes work in performance and philosophy projects, writings in philosophy and music, and music performance learning and teaching.

Philosophy of Music Reading Group at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Seminar Room 2164, 6- 7.30 pm

April 26 (6-7.30 pm)
May 30 (6-7.30 pm)

Blog site (Music and Philosophy) www.blogs.usyd.edu.au/thinkmusic/

Elective Affinities (Music and Philosophy performance project)

Writings in Philosophy

Silence as the Greatest Music (SSLA Journal, 2009)
Music and the Demons of Romanticism (2008)
Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche (2008)
On the Congruence of Philosphy and Music: Silent harmony and Hidden Contemplation. Verlag Dr. Mueller, Stuttgart: 2008
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Silent Harmony and Hidden Contemplation:
Arguments for the congruence of philosophy and music
(PhD Thesis, Sydney University, 2007)

Philosophy as the Greatest Music - Reflections on Plato's Phaedo 61a (2004)
Roger Scruton: The Aesthetics of Music (2001)

Eugen Fink (transl. G. Richter), Nietzsche's Philosophy. Continuum: London, 2003
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John Ralston Saul- Reflections on the "Unconscious Civilisation" (1999)
An Apology of Philosophy (1998)   

'Understanding' Bruckner (1993)


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