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Open Performance Classes/ Studio Concerts @ Sydney Conservatorium 2017

These classes are open to audiences, teachers and students. They provide performance opportunities for students and I will give feedback and discuss seminal performance, artistic and technical issues in response to the performances. For lesson observations and attending lessons, please contact me directly - I welcome observation of my lessons and classes at the Conservatorium.

Semester 2 (all commencing 6 pm)
August 10  Verbrugghen Hall
September 14  RHW
October 12 RHW
October 26 RHW
October 30 RHW

These classes feature performances by my students from the Sydney Conservatorium. Visitors are welcome to perform. Please contact me directly to discuss and register.

Public Pedagogy Seminars 2017

April 30, Melbourne (AUSTA VIC)


(presented in collaboration with AUSTA NSW in Sydney) 

(1.5 hrs) - all welcome. 

March 22, 6.30 pm Seminar Room 1156  
On Practise     -> slides  -> seminar video

May 24, 6.30m pm Seminar Room 1156
Some simple thoughts about violin playing, learning and teaching
August 23, 6.30 pm Seminar Room 1156
Some thoughts about bowing and sound
October 25, 6.30 pm Seminar Room 1156
The left hand is your friend

Philosophy of Music Reading Group at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Seminar Room 2165, 6- 7.30 pm meets in semester 1 on

August 17
September 21
October 19
November 16